Dueling Prayers: God’s Fight for Her Heart

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    Catching up with my sister the other day. Like many of our conversations, one of us may be having a hard time (it goes back and forth), but God always seems to jump in the moment and speak his heart whether with words of comfort, encouragement, strength, etc. I like to call them dueling prayers: one prayer that shares the pain and suffering and the other where God speaks His heart. Break dancers and rappers duel all the time, mainly for respect, reputation, etc. but what if it could be for more than that, what if it would speak life into someone else’s life??

The conversation began with the normal Hi, How are things? We began talking about starting my blog. Then it came:

(My sister) My latest:

Most people wake up from a bad dream but for me I go to sleep because its my way of waking up from my bad dream.
My tears have become my pillow, my pain has become my blanket and my brokenness has become the bed that I lay on…
The air I breath in only gives life to the burning fire that melts me from within… as anger trys to rip me from inside out…. and I scream and shout but its so loud no one can hear me… 
Oh Lord please take care of me.

I could “hear” the pain in her Facebook message. I called out to God speak through me, counteract this prayer of pain and suffering.

My dearest sister,
    I know your heart is ripped in two (maybe your mind as well), you don’t know what is up or down or left or right, what once made you happy only seems to be shadows of days gone before, what used to cast a light and warmth upon your heart has now turned to cold, those warm fuzzies and anticipation of the good days ahead have now been replaced with the pain of loss, pain of yesterdays gone by, and fear of what the future holds. 

    What did you ever do wrong you ask? Why would someone do this to me you scream? This world is full of pain and suffering, sadness, broken hearts….but an anectdote to all of this lives inside of you.     
    The very one who conquered death on the cross who defeated evil, who mended our relationship with God, yup that same Jesus lives and is alive and active in your heart right now. He is the healer of broken hearts, mender of broken dreams, TRUE lover of your soul, He is the one from which darkness flees, cry out to him, He will rescue from this storm. 
    I know you feel like you are drowning and that there is no help in sight, but even if you don’t feel it, HE is there. He is mending your broken heart piece by piece, removing the splinters and dirt. Know it takes time and requires skilled hands, but He is doing it second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. He hears your cries and knows your fears. He catches each and every tear you cry and desires to lavish you 10x (probably 100 or a 1000 times) as much with His never ending rivers of living water. Let those rivers of living water wash away the shadows that seem to never leave.

May your blanket of pain be replaced with a warm blanket of love and grace, 
May your bed be full of peace and refreshment, 
and May the pillow where you lie your head be the very hands of the God who created you and who has an amazing plan for you, one full of LIFE!!

I shared this with permission from my sister đŸ™‚ If you are hurting may you seek God with all your heart as He desires to mend your broken hearts and bring you into the FULL, AMAZING LIFE he has planned for you!! Remember God is fighting for you!

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  1. God is using you in an amazing way. The words you are writing are inspired by the one that loves and cares for us all. Continue to let it flow from you. Praying for you as you receive his words into your heart and they are sent to many; to heal, to bring joy, to release peace , and most of all to draw others into a closer relationship with one who created us all.

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