Matchless Love

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I have been utterly amazed at the love of God lately…how you might ask?

Well first of all I know there are many today that may not agree that God exists or just think he is too aloof to even care about us. But, I want you to know that I have experienced his love first hand, and nothing can take that away 🙂

Back to what I continue to be in awe about…God’s love for me!

So imagine that the all knowing God (who knows past, present and future) decides that He wants to create people to be his image bearers, to love them, and for them to glorify him. The story doesn’t stop there.
Remember, how I mentioned that he knows everything before it happens? Well, imagine knowing that the very person you create will rebel against you and turn his back on all you have given them? Would you still do it…

God did. He created Adam and Eve with full knowledge of the choices they would make and how it would forever impact humanity. 

He didn’t just stop at creating us. He loved us sooo much that he had a remedy set in place. God set in stone a promise of redemption, a remedy for the sin that separates us from God so that our relationship with Him could be restored. 

Sin has consequences = death. Not only physical death, but death meaning “forever separated from God.”

It just blows my mind, that God went through with creating us (knowing full well that we would fully reject him,) just so that HE could lavash his love on us by sending his son Jesus to die in our place, and bring us back into relationship with Him. Matchless love…

His acts of love, mercy and grace happen on a daily basis. 

I thank God everyday for the parents he gave me. And I know that He uses them to speak His heart for me…Here’s a text from my dad:

“You have been rescued, as one wandering the streets, you have been rescued. He sought you out, he went down all the byways and paths. He slept not. He did not grow weary seeking you. He knew your name and enquired of all “have you seen Vanessa?”  He knew you from the beginning, he never stopped loving you. Then, he turned the corner, and there you were, cold and hungry, you barely could walk, yet you were able to run into his everlasting arms. Then he touched you gently, and spoke words that heal you, and filled you with joy. And as he walked back to his castle, to his kingdom, others followed for his loved filled the streets. And now you sit at his feet, laying at peace on his chest, filled with the knowledge and love that you are his, for all eternity.”

God desires a relationship with each and every one of us  (EVERYONE). Are you in search of truth, of God, of Jesus…?

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7