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A Not So Ordinary Journey…

“The ordinary is transformed into extraordinary and the mundane into miraculous when surrender to the Master.”

“I long to be what He wants me to be– to love as He loves, to be broken by things that break His heart, to be His hands and feet in the world. I long to pour out myself out on behalf of those who are hurting– although not just for them. I do it as a way of loving Jesus. Jesus loves them, and so I will love them. He is my first love.”
Kay Warren, Dangerous Surrender 

One thought on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. Has the ordinary always been ordinary? Or did we let it become ordinary? To be able to truly look at life through his heart, to see things not as ordinary anymore, but as extraordinary, would be so wonderful. I had an "ordinary" flight west tonight, yet, my eyes were drawn to look out as the plane took off from Boston at dusk….and I saw two sunsets…. one just as we took off, a bright red sun setting over New England, and then another, only a minute or two later, at a much higher altitude….another sunset, yet this one was setting over the sea of bright white clouds stretching as far as the eye could see….quite an "ordinary" event, yet really very extraordinary…Lord, help us to not just see "people" but to see your creation when we are with people. Let us see them for the beautiful creations they are, as I saw the sunset tonight, as a beautiful creation. And show us their beauty and pain, and how we can minister to them.

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