I Think We’re Losing The Plastic

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I was privileged to spend the weekend away in Amherst, OH with an amazing group of women. Together we learned or re-learned the beauty of resting in the quiet presence of God. Relearning the art of listening amidst our crazy busy lives. 

Monday came out in full force to encroach upon my rest. From the push to get up early as my alarm went off (6 AM). I may have been a little too ambitious. 7 AM rolled around and I rose out of bed to start my day. 
          Grabbed my phone, 
                     poured my coffee, 
                                 and sat on the living room couch.
I started by reading an excerpt from Jesus Calling and reflected on a couple scriptures: Psalm 23:1-3 and Isaiah 31:21. I only had 10 minutes to reflect in silence. “God what do you have for me today?” It felt like a lot longer than 10 minutes, it was enough to rest and hear God’s heart for me. My shepherd in the valleys and my guide. I had no idea what today would bring…

I didn’t arrive at work as early as I wanted to, but though I wrestled with the thoughts inside about how unprepared I would be and that I wouldn’t be ready, I refused to listen. 

The onslaught began as soon as I made it to my desk: 3 different people came to talk to me about new patients and my schedule was full of new evaluations. The time seemed to stretch and in just a short 15-20 minutes I was ready. 

I was fighting for the stillness amongst the busyness that only would increase throughout the day.

One patients time seemed to run into the other, before you knew it I was treating 10 minutes into lunch, and barely had written a word. Though it seemed that the day would only get busier, I had to continually revert my mind back to the scriptures above, God is with me and guiding me. So I stopped for a brief moment, took a breath and continued on with my day!

Do I have to spend some time doing work at home tonight? Yes. 
Does that mean I missed it, missed the mark, fell short? No. 

Though today did not turn out like I planned I found that in those moments where I needed a dose of peace, a moment of rest, it was there…God was there.

I have experienced the beauty in the stillness, in the presence of God.
            I will fight for it every day, no matter the chaos around. 
                          Will I falter, yup. 
                                         But, the arms of the Almighty will be there to restore me. 

Just before I sat down to write this, my roommate informed me to take a look at the garden, “I think we’re losing the plastic.” Sure enough, one more thing. I ventured out into the cold, secured the plastic covering, ascended the stairs, took a deep breath, and chuckled. 

Thank you Jesus 🙂