Thanks Mom

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As I sit here and relax after an eventful Thanksgiving day, I keep thinking about my mom who had surgery yesterday and is recovering in the hospital tonight.

                                               Today I am thankful for my mom…

It’s because of her…

    That when I laugh, it can be pretty loud. Yup, definitely got that from mom.

    That when I talk, I can’t help but move my hands.

    That I was able to cook my first solo turkey ( I may have spilled some grease all over the kitchen floor and my foot, but no harm :)) Every year my mom spends hours preparing decorations for thanksgiving and preparing a meal for 10 or more people every year. I’ve watched her as she selflessly and tirelessly prepares everything.

     That I love to give and serve. Ever since I could remember, my mom has demonstrated her Big Heart for people. She loves people. Loves to talk to them, to cook for them, to host them and even when she is in pain (which is most of the time), she gives without question. That’s where I get it from.

    Thanks for giving me life. Thanks for teaching me how to be hospitable, to serve, and most importantly to Love. Thanks for teaching me to seek God no matter life’s circumstances.

                                                                                           Love you with all my heart. Rest and heal!