Change is in the Air

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Tonight I’ve been reflecting on the different places God has brought me over the years, and how each place has shaped who I am today. Mainly by the people I’ve encountered, Gods work in my heart, and my life experiences.
I began to reflect on the many reasons why we pack up our things.
There are times when we just need to take a small duffle bag or suitcase, taking only a few essential things, knowing that we will return home after a day or two.
Then there are times when we have to leave for longer and we take a couple suitcases, now these trips could last a few days (ladies?), a week or more.
                      Then there is packing up ALL of your belongings for the BIG move.
Packing for the 3rd scenario, has many more implications than the previous two.
Leaving a place you called home for some place new.
                  Change is just around the corner, and things may never be the same again.
                                                 That can be a scary thought.
Most of the time when you pack up your belongings, you usually know exactly when and where you will be moving, right?
Well, Tonight I bought the first 5 moving boxes for a new venture.
         I’m not leaving DC.
               I just soon will change residence.
Many know that I have begun ministering to youth and their families in a neighborhood in NW DC.
For the last few months God has begun to stir in me the desire to move into this neighborhood, so that I may be better able to minister and truly be apart of the community I have fallen in love with.
This weekend has only confirmed what God has been sharing with me.
So the packing begins. 
Not the temporary kind, but the “this is going to change my life kind of packing.” 
                  I don’t know when, I don’t know the exact place, but….I want to be ready.
I am starting to pack as a step of faith that God will provide a place and even others to partner with me to bring the light of Jesus to NW DC. 
God is on the move in DC. 

Come and join 🙂