Do we really believe it?

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“I know that God will provide.”

Has this just become something that we say out of habit, or do we truly mean it?
I want those words to be reality.
Yet, most of the time I don’t think I really believe it.
Many times its followed by, hmmm….how could I make it work?
It’s like a side deal. God I know that you can do it…
Then, we turn around and begin to plan how we are going to work it out, in our power and with our own resources.
So many times he gives us visions and dreams, that we grab ahold of, but we hold so tightly that we lose sight of the Dream Giver.
God never meant for us to take our dreams and accomplish them on our own, but how many times have we tried? I’m guilty….
How do we come to a point of living with our palms open? Saying, “Here God this is the dream you have given me, and I choose to look to the dream giver.” And we hand our dreams back to God saying , “I trust that you will provide.”
The challenge is this, do we walk through life with dreams in hand, living only for the dream or do we allow God to maintain control of the dream and we follow after the Dream Giver? 
And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
—Philippians 4:19