Footprints in the Snow

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This morning I woke up to a welcome surprise : SNOW!!

I peered out my window half asleep, and everything was covered in white!
There are many who don’t share my same enthusiasm, but ever since I could remember I’ve loved snow. (Minus the shoveling piece).
The best part is night time walks under the stars and street lights, as the snow continued to fall. Snow crunching under my feet, the tip of my nose turning red, and breathing in the crisp air. 
For that brief moment everything else disappears and it is still and quiet…peace reigns in the night as the snow falls. Everyone has retreated into the warmth of their homes, the world was mine to enjoy for that moment. 
No other footprints, snow untouched, until I take that first step. 
             There’s something about being the first one to take that step.
Some might say lonely, but I’ve never felt lonely in those moments.
I have always felt closest to God in those moments, when the world had faded away.
All that remained was snow slowly falling, once bare trees covered in white, and the creator of the universe right there alongside me.
Some of the other most memorable times have been when my dad would accompany me as we walked the dog together. Sometimes it was silent or full of deep conversation or laughter. 
As I look back on those moments, and whether I saw one set of footprints or two in the snow. I have never been alone.
I did not have a chance to take a night time snowy walk.
My walk today consisted of walking along a path full of hundreds of footprints, footprints heading in all directions….different destinations.
At the end of the sidewalk, I met up with many of my colleagues, as we stood out in the cold awaiting a shuttle, hoping that there would be room. Soon we  realized that we would all be late, much laughter ensued in that moment.
Though our feet and hands began to freeze, one person said it so perfectly, “there are some things that our out of our control.” Life’s journey takes us so many places, some where we blaze a new path and others where we walk where so many others have walked.
I am so thankful for where God has me right now…and that he is with me every step of the way.