The Way of Peace

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have felt the pain and panic,
Though for reasons different, no less pain.
The questions, the doubts, the confusion,
Clouding the way of peace again.

A darkness that is inexplicable.
Panic ensues, you cant breath, you can’t think.
Nothing yet everything all at once.
Its a wall, can’t move forward, can’t get around it.
You push, you pull, you climb, you run…
But, it remains.
Blocking the way of peace again.

You cry out,
Is there anyone out there?
Help!!! Nothing but echoes:
Echoes of pain, echoes of doubt,
That’s all that seems to remain.
You fall to your knees…helpless, lifeless,
A ball of doubt and fear.
Will I ever find the way of peace again?

In that moment of utter surrender,
No more fight in you.
With all you have left,
You call out His name:
The name above all names,
Jesus, Jesus.
Then, a crack, a ray of light.
Do I see the way of peace again?

You crawl closer,
With a burst of energy not your own,
You reach forward, pressing against the wall.
One by one the bricks tumble down.
There before you, Jesus, Immanuel.
He stoops down and carry’s you.
The balm of Gilead flows down.
Mending your broken heart and binding up your wounds,
As He carry’s you along the way of peace again.

As he carries you along,

He begins to sings songs of deliverance over you.
The chains that had you bound,
They begin to fall one by one to the ground,

As you are carried down the way of peace.

The perpetual night begins to break,

As the scales fall from your eyes.
The sun begins to rise off in the distance.
It’s rays a welcome sight,
As you are carried along the way of peace.

The thoughts that continue to race through your head:
Fears, confusion, doubts,
All begin to fade.
One by one,
The fog, the confusion begin to lift.
Your vision blurred, begins to clear.
Things begin to come into focus.
Now all you hear is the sound of your savior,
Singing over you,
As he carries you down the way of peace.

The Prince of Peace begins to slow.
You look ahead.
As you approach the green pasture,
Blades of grass, shimmering in the sun.
A gentle breeze rocks them too and fro.
So inviting, along the way of peace.

El Shaddai turns and looks you in the eyes.
His face radiates.
At one glimpse, what fears were left,
Melt away, vanish!
For in his eyes you find peace,
In his arms you find safety. 
This is truly the way of peace.

Jehovah Rapha pauses from singing.
He says, “Lie down and rest.
For you are weary and heavy laden.”
He stoops low to the ground,
Gently placing you in the field of green.
A stop along the way of peace

“Allow my rays of light to shine down on you,
Bask in my warmth.
They will not scorch or harm you.
But, they will restore and heal you.
Do not fear, I am with you.
I will never leave you or forsake you.
Rest along the way of peace.”

You awake from what felt like an eternal sleep.
Immanuel, is still there sitting beside you continuing his joyous singing.
Then, you notice:
The clothes that once were tattered, now garments white as snow.
Gaping wounds and bruises,
Though scars remain, 
The memories of pain, of doubt, of confusion… Vanished!
Healing along the way of peace.

“Good morning my beloved, Jehovah Nissi, calls out to you.
The fight, the pain, the suffering were real!
I have restored you, healed you!
I know the scars remain,
These are just reminders that when the battle rages, I am here.
When suffering weighs down on you, I will raise you up.
When the doubt, fears and confusion seem to overpower you, I am your victory.
The battle is mine.
He reaches out to you, and says: 
Let’s walk along the way of peace.

By Vanessa Kennedy (Inspired by God’s Heart)