The Journey to the Source

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Over the past few months I’ve been on a journey discovering what it truly means to rest, and learn to just BE in God’s presence. God truly met me along a recent hike I took at the end of a personal retreat, and I wanted to share this with you all. 
Why? Because this experience is available to anyone who seeks it. 
Come along this journey to the Source with me. May you too experience the peace and joy that comes with spending time in God’s presence, no doing, no striving, no talking, just taking the time to stop and BE STILL. Only God can truly refresh, fill and replenish our souls.

    There’s something about taking the journey to find the Source.  It doesn’t come with spoken words or doing more. It’s sitting in that quiet place at home with no distractions. It’s walking down the road, to sit at the bench that’s been vacant for years because we’ve forgotten to sit, stay a while, be still. It’s hiking along the river: no rush, no time limit, no words, just enjoying God’s creation and breathing in the fresh air.
   It’s in those moments of quiet, of stillness, where no words, no doing, would suffice. It’s here where you find the Source, the Source of life. It’s here where you feel alive again.

   Finding silence and solitude is a struggle. It’s a fight to drown out the distractions and chaos around us. But, it is so worth it…to discover the life giving power in the presence of God, the Source.
   Imagine the ups and downs of a two mile hike along the river. At times you are breathless, your thirsty, your tired. So you stop a minute, eat, drink and continue. With one goal in mind: finding the Source.  You are refreshed by the sound of the river, the cool breeze that comes and goes, and you begin to enjoy the journey.     
   No need to rush to find the source: it’s not going anywhere. Your pace slows, and you begin to look around, gazing at God’s beautiful creation. You look down from time to time, to ensure you’re    stepping right and your footing is sure. Time no longer seems to be an issue, your thoughts have faded, and now you just breath it all in: every moment, every breath…precious. 
   You stop to gaze at the river it’s twists and turns, mini falls and frozen ice sculptures shaped by the flow of the river. You continue along your journey, distracted for a moment by the beauty all around. You think to yourself: Wow! Amazing!
   Then, a thought creeps in, I’m not sure I can go on, there’s so much more to climb. It is in that moment you realize that to stop here would mean missing out on the true beauty and majesty of the Source. All before you is a shadow, an echo of the real thing.   
   So, you press on, your smile grows wider as the tension falls from your face, you barely notice the uphill climb, or the hair bend turns. You press on as the sound of the rushing river becomes louder. 
   Before you know it, you round a boulder that was blocking your view, and there before you the Source, the waterfall. The sound of water crashing, resembles that of the rushing river, but somehow it’s different, its louder, it’s more breathtaking, more majestic, again no words would suffice. You draw closer, as the mist falls on your face, refreshing your body, mind and soul.   
   You are lost for a time, as you gaze upon the source. You sit and just bask in the sound and sight  of the mighty waterfall.
   Though the season is winter, you so want to put your feet in. But, instead you reach your hand in: ice cold, refreshing, as you grasp the small rock before you. A small token of remembrance, of your time at the Source. You then sit a while, for a moment, you are just…still.
   As you make your journey back down the river, the sound of the source begins to fade. But, you realize as the river flows from its Source, it is more than an echo, it too is a source of the life giving water. 
   As you walk along, there are times the path veers toward the river and at times away. Even in those moments when you can’t see the river and the sound begins to fade, all you have to do is stop and listen. You’ll hear it, the faint whispers as the river flows along. 
   When it seems that life’s journey, may take you far from the Source, and the noise and chaos seem to drown everything out, remember to stop and listen, and you will hear the still small whisper, and know that He is right there with you. 
   As you are filled in those moments in His presence, YOU become a river of living water, that touches the lives around you. All because you stopped.

By Vanessa Kennedy (Cascade Waterfall January 2015)