Reflections of a Physical Therapist

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As I stared at my hand tonight
Pen marks mostly worn off,
Some days its my notebook, 
when I don’t have time to grab a piece of paper or paper towel.
As I look back on what those numbers mean:
Sometimes its a measure of a “successful” or “triumphant” session.
Other times its a reminder of the fragility of the human body, 
especially when ridden by disease or afflicted by injury.
A gentle, yet poignant reminder of the role I play (we as therapists play) on a daily basis.
Vessels of restoration.
Limitations of my own.
However, I and other therapists play a key role in restoring the lives of those we interact with.
Seeing beyond their limitations.
I’m not free to discuss my patients to the outside world.
But, I wanted to share this:
There are plenty of days filled with deflated dreams or hard conversations, 
Days where people face depression and fears that seem too insurmountable to overcome. 
At times it leaves you questioning: am I really making a difference?
I have to strive to not let those moments define me, define what I do or alter my perspective.
Its those days or moments filled with goals and dreams realized,
Small victories, small triumphs, where you can’t wipe the smile off your face.
Where your patient looks at you awkwardly, as you shout for joy or do a small happy dance (therapists you know what I mean!)
Thats where my focus has to be…
We are charged to see beyond a persons disability and limitations, and help to inspire and encourage them that there is still life after tragedy.

We may not be able to make people see, but we can sure show them the way!