Snow Covered Dreams Part II

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awoke this morning to the sound of crinkling newspaper and the creaking of the wood stove door, Dads making a fire 🙂 my heart leaped for joy. There’s something about sitting in front of a fire that just brings peace to my weary soul, I can stay for hours.

I rolled out of bed to get my glasses so I could actually see. Oh a beautiful site …newly fallen snow that covered the porch and the trees. Everyone up here in MA is done with the snow, I thought I was too, but not this morning. Snow covered trees were a refreshing site to see. I don’t always get to enjoy the snow fall, as most of the time it falls on a week day, when I work. Gotta love being essential personnel. 
As many of you know, One of the last times we got snow in DC it ended up delaying a big exam I was about to take. I have to say that I was very thankful for the delay in the end of it all. God sure knows his timing.
We all go through “Winter” seasons in our life, and it gets overwhelming, the constant cold, the snow, the lifeless trees, etc. 
     Winter is a season full of waiting, of expectation for seasons to come. Many of the trees are lifeless, color is minimal and well many times consists of white and brown. A necessary season of death of waiting to usher in a season of life and vibrant colors. 
    Yesterday, we celebrated my little sisters graduation from massage therapy school. She has fought and struggled for years to find her niche, it’s been her winter. But now spring is coming through, and she finally found exactly what she was meant to do. So excited for her.
    Many years back I am thankful that God helped me to find my calling, and I have been grateful to be where I am today. Today, I find myself in waiting mode. This time it’s not snow that got in the way of my dreams, but I get to gaze upon the beauty of “snow covered dreams” as I wait and take steps toward a few more dreams and promises that God has given me. 
    Especially in these winter seasons of life, I find myself striving, trying in my own strength, and well easily get exhausted and burned out. So this weekend away, celebrating with family at home in MA, has been a welcome event.
    I am thankful for these quiet moments next to the fire, where I can spend time with Jesus and reflect on life, dreams, his promises etc. Getting recharged as I gaze upon the snow covered trees, realizing that after winter always comes spring!!
     I’ve got to stop worrying about the future and just focus on the beauty of today. Realizing that there is just as much beauty in the journey (of snow covered trees) as there is in the destination (blossoming trees). 
     I can’t be all that God has called me to be or give my all to those I serve on a daily basis, if I am worn out and striving in my own strength. So, I’m spending time this morning resting and reflecting on the beauty of the world around me. Thank you God for your gentle reminders, help me to trust and rely on you!