Nothing but net…

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A mash up of March Madness and the Easter story!
This past Tuesday at Hopestreet.DC we were discussing Easter.
How do you answer the question, why did Jesus have to die? What does that mean for each of us? 
Of course…a basketball analogy. I was able to share an abbreviated version on Tuesday night, but here’s more of what God is teaching me.
Imagine you were playing one on one. You and your opponent is SIN. Now SIN is the most amazing defender of all time. He will forever keep you from a relationship with God (the hoop). Undefeated in that aspect.
You try everything, pump fake, cross over, through the legs, fade away, break away… Nothing works. All you get is blocked shots, turn overs, air balls, fouls, etc…you get no where. One loss after another.
I started getting some looks, how does this pertain to Jesus? I kept going.
This is where Jesus comes in. He is the best all around player of all time. He has more steals, more assists, more blocked shots, more rebounds etc than any other player in history. Guess what, if we put our trust in Him, we join his team. 
That undefeated streak is about to come to an end….
Now it’s 2 on 1, with the best player of all time, the ultimate play maker, the skill master.
What does his death mean for you?
Your playing 1:1 then Jesus enters the game. He gives you the nod, and he sets the ultimate pick. You dribble by, shoot, “nothin but net.” Jesus is the only way you will ever get to the hoop, the only way any one of us can, have a relationship with God.
Jesus paid the price for our sin Romans 6:23 and John 3:16 speak to this. 
Jesus stepped in for you, he was beaten, whipped and ultimately crucified for you, he took your place, suffered your death, so that you can have an eternal relationship with God.
The death of Jesus was not enough, there had to be resurrection. Jesus rose from the dead, forever breaking the power of death on our lives. 
Jesus continues to fight for you and with you. When we put our trust in him it will always be 2:1. 
There are times where you will miss the mark, it might be an air ball, a brick shot, you might get your dribble knocked away… Remember who is on your side-Jesus. He will help get your rebounders, he is amazing at boxing out, setting picks, alley oops  and the give and go.
Jesus has defeated sin, and his death and resurrection gives each of us a chance to have a relationship with God- not just today or tomorrow but FOREVER!