Giving Thanks to God the Healer

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Day after day I see the frailty of the human body, whether ravaged by disease, trauma, aging, etc. On the same day, I see individuals healing, making gains, progressing in strength…..

 How do you keep yourself from getting dragged down by the reality of our human frailty?
Focusing on the latter I think.

  I know we live in a broken and fallen world, but I have a deeper understanding and knowledge of something greater. A creator God who so intricately designed our bodies to heal, to regenerate, and most definitely to fight. In addition to how fearfully and wonderfully made we are, God desires to bring healing and wholeness, and restore us. This includes our physical body, but also includes broken hearts, shattered dreams, fragile minds, etc. 

  As I reflect on my limitations to bring full healing or wholeness, I understand this: I am a reflection, image bearer of God and called to bring healing, but where I lack in my abilities, God can more than make up for it.

  God says that it is in our weakness where He is strong and his power can all the more flow.So when I feel inadequate, I cry out to God to touch the broken bodies and patients I have the privilege of working with.  For He is the ultimate healer, and I believe that He can and will do miracles!

  No matter the outcome of my time with my patients, I know this: God has placed me in their lives for a reason. I will stand with them, challenge them, encourage them, and support them. 

  Today I give thanks to God the healer, who continues to heal today. Not only does he heal our broken bodies, but desires to heal our broken relationship with him. What amazing love 🙂 No matter who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve done…He pursues us and loves us right where we are. In that love, is a call to each of us to come, lay your burdens down, find rest, healing and restoration!

God help me to be filled with the same love by which you have pursued me. So that, I may bring hope, life and love to each person I encounter every day.