Waiting on Immanuel

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As I sit on the floor of the BWI airport, many thoughts run through my mind. Why in the world was I so anxious about being late. Even though my train to the airport was an hour late, I prayed, my sister prayed, etc. I still had some doubt that God would make it all happen. I just kept thinking I just want to be home. I have been waiting in expectation all month for this day and for some reason it felt so far from my grasp.
What was it like the night before Jesus was born? Joseph and Mary had come a long way on a journey that was far less comfortable than mine.  9 months pregnant sitting a four legged animal, bopping up and down…I’ve never been pregnant but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that comfortable. How did Mary and Joseph respond? Did they ever wonder will this journey ever end? Will we ever get there? And when did Mary go into labor? Unlike today she was not seated in the comfort of her own home or in a hospital bed, she was on the road. I wonder if the hours past slowly for her, was it all overshadowed by the excitement of Jesus’ birth? Did she still question and wonder who was in her womb and the impact he would have on her and the world? Mary responded humbly to gods call for her to give birth to Jesus, but we don’t  know a whole lot about what she was thinking or feeling.
I know her waiting and excitement for the birth of Jesus supersedes my excitement to go home, but it gives me a glimpse. The hope, the anticipation, the gasp, the breath hold, the eye squint, you cant move, you cant look, you freeze, you wait….and then…..
Well, Not yet, inn after inn, up and down every street, every alley, just hoping, waiting for a place enough where your son can be born, outside of the elements, sheltered and safe. Nothing…until finally, a stable, a manger, filled with hay awaited the birth of Jesus.
I wondered if the animals looked on as Mary gave birth, I wonder if they saw or were drawn in some way to their creator, did something within them see, recognize the voice, the cry, that spoke the world into existence. Was anyone’s ears attuned? Were they moved by the infants cry? Did it stir within anyone a longing, a hope, a love for their creator? Could anyone see, could anyone hear?
Had the many years of waiting dimmed the longing for our creator? Has the sin and storms of this life so scarred and hardened our hearts that we no longer could see to recognize the very face of God or hear the very voice that spoke the world into existence? Or did God veil our eyes, hearts and ears for a time until the right time?
It’s interesting who God chose to reveal the birth of Jesus to, lowly shepherds and 3 wise men/kings. The very expanse of who Jesus came to save. Other than the wise men who followed the star or the shepherds that were visited by the Angels. Did anyone else hear or see? Did anyone else question why the star shown so bright or where is that angelic singing coming from? We don’t know.
But on one night, in a lowly stable, lay a baby boy in a manger, who had come to save the world. To bridge the gap, to remove the power that sin has on us, to finally make a way for us to have a relationship with God. 
Ever been in a stadium, it is overtime the score is tied and the championship is on the line. The home team’s point guard stands on the foul line with one shot to win it all. All you hear is the ball bounce, one, two, three…as the ball arches in the air, some turn away and can’t look, others begin to rise in their seat to try and see as the ball moves through the air, it arcs toward the hoop….swoosh. Rewind right before the swoosh, you could hear a pin drop, the silence is tangible, the emotions ar which, the excitement is palpable. Then the ball sinks down, nothing but net. The crowd erupts and roars in celebration. Jesus’ birth is that moment, that silence where all of humanities hopes and dreams are about to be fulfilled, here he is, the Only savior of the world. He’s come…no words can truly express the joy, the expectant waiting that now has a face, a name, it has life. What was once unseen, is now seen, and the fulfillment of a promise from the beginning of time is about to unfold. They watch, they gaze, they look in awe…
So tonight as I wait, my heart is filled with joy and excitement, that tomorrow we celebrate the coming of the creator to the world, to fulfill every longing, every desire, every striving to be loved and accepted. Finally we have a chance to be in relationship with God, our creator, our savior, the original lover of our souls. 
No longer weary in the waiting. I’ve found all that my heart ever longed for. My creator, my redeemer, my Jesus. My heart is full
I’m still. I’m at peace. I’m home
Come him, to where peace is found, to Jesus.