Caught in the Act

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Reflections on John 8

Words that stuck out to me:

Caught, trap
“Neither do I”
Go leave your life of sin.

We’re all caught red handed in sin, day in and day out our flesh, sin gets the best of us
Whether it’s something we’ve said, thought or done, we all mess up.
There will also be others or the enemy that will try to trap us or shed light on our short comings, that we would continue to live in condemnation, death; ultimately killing the very life God has for us

Go: this requires action onour part. This is where confession and repentance come in hand, we go before God with our sin our short comings, and he forgives us. Sometimes we face consequences of our sin and other times God’s grace overflows and we experience grace and mercy despite the punishment we do deserve.

Here we see Gods grace so real, but it’s not a frivolous grace, it doesn’t mean we go on living life the way we want. When we encounter Jesus we are challenged to change how we live,
Where we find true life, and become who Gods created us to be, he changes our destiny. The adulterer whose life of sin would lead her to heartache and brokenness, is rescued to live a life of love, and wholeness

Have we had this encounter with Jesus? Has our our encounter with Jesus changed how we live? Do we feel guilt or condemnation, if so that’s not of God. Yes we are convicted when we do wrong, but it should always lead to life not more guilt and self hatred.