A different kind of waiting…

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I’m glad I took my time getting up this morning and just hanging around the house. Following up on some emails, praying, listening to Kari Jobe’s new worship CD…stopping is good for the soul. The other day I talked about how waiting can strengthen us (“those who hope/wait on the Lord will renew their strength.”) That’s true also when we take the time from our busy lives to stop, rest, listen for a change. By stopping, we let go for a time, and stop to maybe reflect, to listen or just be still.

I wrote my last post in light of waiting for my visa to allow me to enter DR Congo when I travel in March. Though it’s been a few days, it’s taken me some time to sit down and write. Many phone calls later and a Fed Ex delivery I received my visa. Woohoo….God is so good!

The excitement hasn’t truly hit me, I still find myself saying, is this actually real?

I still face days and moments where I doubt where I’m headed, the choices I’m making, my hopes, my dreams.

Do you ever feel like something comes up that just “seems like another road block?” Some things have come up lately, where I wonder the same thing.

I know that road blocks will continue to come up, but I realize more and more the choice I have to make- to get anxious and try to gain control of things (even if I really can’t) or to trust that God is leading me and he holds all things together? I struggle with the choice, and I may start on the road of anxiety, but in the end the best choice is when I look to God, to his promises, and truly trust that the creator of the world, really does know what He is doing 🙂

So now, I wait in great excitement and expectation, as I prepare to take the first step of my journey to serve in DR Congo. Lot’s of preparations to do before I go, I’ll keep you posted on how all of it’s going. For now, I’m taking the time to stop, reflect, and rejoice in all that God has done and will do.

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