99 Hours

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As my sister and I headed to work this morning, we began to figure out how many hours I had left to travel. It was just about 99 hours.

My dream is now getting closer and closer. When Monday came I thought for sure every waking moment would be difficult to get through.

But, no, for once in a long time I feel filled with joy, and with purpose, and seem to have found new life in things that had begun to fade.

My days are filled with patient care and other administrative tasks, and my nights have consisted of packing and repacking, and waiting for amazon shipments. I have a mountain of boxes on my couch. Even as I feel the fatigue of my day, I still am filled with joy and expectation!!

I sit and look, and I’m so thankful and so grateful. For what you might ask? For willing hearts to give graciously when needs are presented. Thankful for all those who have supported me and made it possible for me to embark on this journey. I’m thankful that God has allowed me to share is grave, love and hope in Congo, and how God has provided far beyond my imagination.

I’ve had countless conversations with strangers, friends and family about this upcoming trip. And I can’t believe that it’s actually here!!

I may be bit nervous about all that I’m bringing and it’s weight. So let’s pray for favor and that anything overweight would be overlooked šŸ™‚ But, all in all, I can’t wait to get to Congo!

Please stay tuned for updates all this month while I’m Congo! You don’t want to miss out!!

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