Soaring Above the Clouds

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Flying around the world gives you a unique view of the world. From the vantage point in which you see the ocean and land below, to sights-sounds-and even smells, and the people you meet and interact with.

My flights as of late have been on much shorter and much smaller flights, mainly back and forth to Massachusetts. But, that changed yesterday morning as I boarded a 300 passenger plane for a 13 hour flight across the Atlantic to make a connection in Addis Ababa. It’s pretty incredible when the size of the engine of your airplane appears to be the same size as the nose of the plane I’m used to flying on.

As we took off, I had no idea what to expect. I was grateful for the extra leg room but anything can happen in 13 hours. I was graced with three wonderful people in my row. Conversations ranged from aviation and one mans dream to see Africa send a spaceship or rocket to outer space, for Africa to one day take its place! Then to singing ABCs with an almost two year old and discussions of God and his miracles with his mom. Though

I remember just staring out my window at the endless mountain ranges of clouds, that were even more beautiful as the sun rose in the morning shooting many colors across the sky! Oh the beauty, the stillness, even though we were traveling at hundreds of miles and hour, time seemed to stand still. I just breathed it in. (I don’t get these moments often these days, so I wanted to soak it in).

I may have only slept for 3-4 hours broken up in small pieces, I’m grateful for those God surrounded me with. The moments, even without words, that spoke volumes to my heart!

Some may ask, why do you do this? I’m sure I’ve explained it in many ways. But similar to the gentleman who shared of his dream for Africa, I have one too. That one day many would come to know the true hope and restoration that comes with a relationship with Jesus, and that many would begin to embark on this journey, it is then the light would continue to spread across this once dark continent, and I believe we will see Africa take its place in bringing hope, life and restoration to the world. That Africa would be a beacon of hope to the world.

And, so, here my journey begins: to Goma, in DR Congo. I’m going even if it’s for just one moment, one person, one life who can experience the everlasting love, power and restoration found in Jesus.

I go to partner with the work God is doing already, giving my heart, mind, and hands to Gods service, to serve but most importantly to love!

One more flight to go!!! One more moment to soar above the clouds and to gaze upon the beauty of what God has made.

Though I don’t get the Ethiopian airlines Cloud 9 treatment, I’m still there on cloud 9, excited for what God has in store.

I’ll update you soon.

One thought on “Soaring Above the Clouds

  1. Hey sis your twin brother here,
    As I awoke Sunday morning Well before I had to be at church, to realize it was then that you were leaving, with the worming text message we sent back an forth as you boarded the plane that would connect you to the heart of God he has instilled in you. A passion like no other, knowing you were leaving and going to the mission field in DR Congo over whelmend my heart with joy and as if a strong piece of my heart was going with you. I remember back when we were in high school and we took a mission trip with 55 others to the beautiful Island of Jamaica. The feeling of going beyond he fences to reach the world in that manner is one feeling that can’t be given words to describe. Standing there outside a gentleman’s house in the heat of the summer with you on my shoulders as if I was stronger than I actually was, so you could reach the top of the house to paint. For every minute you were getting closer to the DR Congo my soul received a burst of joy that is felt when you’re doing any kind of mission work, that indescribable feeling of God’s love. It was When I got out of work on Sunday night to get a text from you letting me know you made it to Ethiopia, my heart screamed YES!!!!!! NICE CATCH!!!, As I remember watching you play catcher for NECA GO-SUMO!!!!!! MY HEART IS THERE WITH YOU EVERYMOMENT. As I pray for you I pray one day as you said “we will make it happen” that this will come to pass is well.

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