Welcome Home!

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Monday afternoon I landed safely here in Goma, DR Congo. It was pretty uneventful, I went through many security checkpoints. But before I knew it I was outside with all of my belongings. Jenn made sure that we got to the car ok, and with her charming ways, assured that there was only one person helping us. Many were crowding in to try to help.

Soon we were headed out. We drove through town. Traffic was crazy to say the least. Busses, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians vying for the road. Doors locked we stopped to pick up rice and oil.

Shortly after we headed to UJN. (Un Jour Nouveau). Here I began to meet up with so many people. Many who Jenn had talked about for months now, I’m finally getting to put faces to names. Remembering everyone’s name will be the challenge, but I’m working on it.

Well, it’s now Wednesday evening, my second full day. Today was a special day as we celebrated International Women’s Day. I even dressed in a Congolese dress, one of Esther’s dresses for nearly perfectly 🙂 it only took one of the mama’s a few minutes to fix the broken zipper. I was honored to be apart of a group of generations of women discussing ways to free women to be all God has called them to be. It was great to feel at home and welcomed to share thoughts I had. Thankful to Esther Ntoto (cofounder of Africa New Day) for translate for me 🙂

I’m loving spending time with many people and building relationships. Everyday I look forward to talking with the Mama’s here, laughing together and even practicing Swahili. Africa New Day is bringing so much life. The best is the hugs, high fives and big smiles of the kids everyday. Love abounds!

The staff are great! During my first English class, I was pleasantly caught if guard with some questions. From, what is you vision for life? What is your objective? Why aren’t you married?

I talked about my call to be a mother wherever God game, bringing healing and restoration, raising up passionate pursuers of God’s truth. I further went into detail about my desire to bring healing of body, mind and soul ( my passion as a pastor and physical therapist.) I shared that I had waited 4 years to come to Congo, waiting on God’s timing. And well, still waiting on God’s timing to get married, but Ian suite content right now! The joy on their faces and excitement that our visions for Congo and Africa New Day were the same was palpable.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said, “Welcome home!” and I truly feel at home.

Until next time….

Nina penda hapa! (I love it here!)

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  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited to share your adventures through your letters.
    God is really going to use you Vamessa!! As always, prayers offered for your safety and for you to bear much fruit as His glorious will unfolds for and through your life. May you experience His amazing love without measure to pour out to everyone around You.
    Kris Shepardson

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