Atmosphere Changers

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What if everyone around you is seemingly in a hopeless, directionless state?
What has more power ? Will you submit yourself to the hopelessness? Or will you choose to change the atmosphere?

As people of God (by Gods spirit) we have the power to change the atmosphere?
To bring joy in sadness, to bring hope amidst despair, and to bring love amidst hate.

Yesterday we had the privilege to minister at the women’s prison. Women are there for various time frames and reasons. There were so many children with their moms, and even one was born in prison. I was overwhelmed. I watched Worship totally change the atmosphere and for many (not all) were smiling and dancing as we worshipped God. I was overwhelmed with joy and with hope for all of these women. In a moment the atmosphere was changed and despair changed to hope.

Not soon after we started a women was brought through to the doctors office, it had just started to pour and she had slips and fell on the concrete, hitting her head.

Jenn had disappeared back there for a while and then one of the women called me in as well. Together we prayed for this Mamas healing. She was not fully conscious and clearly in a lot of pain. We prayed for her two different times because I felt a second prompting to pray before we left. I was overwhelmed by God’s spirit as He continued to bring tears to my eyes. The love he showed me for this women was His!

The joy I had the rest of the day was indescribable.

I’ve been so thankful to use my physical therapy skills here in combination with prayer to bring healing and restoration.

Today we returned to the prison. It was great seeing the women again. After worship and prayer the UJN psychologist spoke about the need to change how we think and allow God to transform our thinking. More and More women seemed robbed receptive as the talk went on. Jenn and I were able to pray for the same Mama again, who was conscious but still in a lot of pain. We prayed with her before she went to the hospital.

At times here it is hard to shake the despair you see around you and the hopelessness. Some days you see the atmosphere change like yesterday. Today it was about making a choice to find hope and joy because my God is in the business of restoration and bringing light and love to difficult places.

Just after I wrote this I guest taught in Jenna English class for young adults, part of the Generation Hope Program at Africa New Day. We had an amazing discussion on believing in God and to believe God, which lead to some wonderful bunny trails. Again, when you find yourself even for a moment, walking out and fulfilling the call God has for you, there’s joy and the atmosphere begins to change.

Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus, He is my joy and my strength!

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