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As I sit here and listen to the keys clack as I type, my alarm for the end of my nap goes off (that was so successful :)), the tea kettle whistles, the rain falls against the window, the central air kicks in, and dinner simmers on the stove. These are the noises in my background this evening. I’ve tried multiple times this evening to watch a movie….the internet’s down. I don’t believe in coincidences, and think that maybe God was telling me something. Stop, Be Still, Enjoy the Silence.

Silence I questioned? I’ve been to places where I’ve experienced near perfect silence, but that is pretty impossible here. But, stopping…It’s a chance where I get to just be still, be present, experience what’s right in front of me. Not letting my night be carried away by the endless to do list and thoughts in my mind or a movie where I can escape from reality for a while. I’m just sitting here, in the “silence”, paying attention to my breathing, the subtle sounds around me, and just “being” in God’s presence. It’s freeing, theres no responsibility here. Just be.

It’s in this silence, it’s here where I am filled. It’s where I can allow God to mend the wounds of the week or the day, still the thoughts that may cause fear or anxiety, to be filled with rivers of living water, that I may step forward into tonight, tomorrow, this week strengthened, encouraged and empowered.

Maybe its less about finding perfect silence around me, but for me to be still and be silent (and that also goes for my thoughts, as much as the words I speak.) If you know me, my thoughts tend to be far more prevalent than the words that come out of my mouth. Once I take a moment to be still and silent, it is then I can stop striving, pay attention to whats around me, and even be still enough to hear the gentle, still small voice of God.

Enjoy the silence, take time to stop, and be still…it will change your life!

*Heading to the porch to enjoy some dinner and chai without my computer/phone..

Stay tuned this week for more on me, Congo, etc….

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