2+2 = 4

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I’m a planner, I love numbers, because 2+2 = 4, always. No matter the unknowns in an algebraic equation, there is always a solution. Life, that’s a another story. Some may say you can predict things with the use of probability, but many things, most things in life cannot be explained away by numbers. A […]


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As I sit here and listen to the keys clack as I type, my alarm for the end of my nap goes off (that was so successful :)), the tea kettle whistles, the rain falls against the window, the central air kicks in, and dinner simmers on the stove. These are the noises in my […]

Welcome Home!

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Monday afternoon I landed safely here in Goma, DR Congo. It was pretty uneventful, I went through many security checkpoints. But before I knew it I was outside with all of my belongings. Jenn made sure that we got to the car ok, and with her charming ways, assured that there was only one person […]

99 Hours

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As my sister and I headed to work this morning, we began to figure out how many hours I had left to travel. It was just about 99 hours. My dream is now getting closer and closer. When Monday came I thought for sure every waking moment would be difficult to get through. But, no, […]

Sitting and waiting…

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My brother asked me today, “have you blogged recently? It’s on my favorites and I check it every morning.” I know its been a while since I have written. Not sure, why…despite there being no lack of things to write about, I’ve just had a hard time expressing things. Writing is how I communicate my […]